Tuesday, April 5, 2011

COVERGIRL Lip Perfection

I'm derailing the e.l.f. train for a moment  A few weeks ago (okay more like a month) I received two COVERGIRL Lip Perfection lipsticks from Bzzagent.  Bzzagent is a cool word-of-mouth advertising company that runs campaigns you can join and try out new products.  I'm really excited that they have been featuring more makeup items lately.  Anyway, I opted for Spellbound and Hypnotic.

My first impression when they came out of the package was, "Damn these are big!"  The containers are very slightly tapered block-style tubes - not what you come to expect from lipsticks these days.  Looking at them now, I actually do have lipsticks that are taller and/or have the same girth but the first look was like, "Wow!"

These lipsticks come in 44 colors in four categories.  Hypnotic is from the Browns and Spellbound is from the Lilacs/Mauves/Burgundies.  The others are Nudes/Corals/Reds and Pinks To Roses.
I'm sure by now you've seen the ads with Drew Berrymore sporting some deep red lips?  Well I can definitely attest to this being highly pigmented which is a plus for people like me who have darker lips.  (Spellbound stained my lips a little but it was nothing a little cold cream couldn't cure.  Pretty much all highly pigmented lipsticks will do that.)


What I can't vouch for is the claim that these will make your lips feel better after 7 days.  I'm not saying it's not true.  They do feel nice on; light and silky with a soft, pleasant scent. I just couldn't restrict myself to a whole week of only wearing 2 colors.  Believe me, I tried...several times.

It does rub off easily, probably because it is so creamy and never seems to "dry."  The first time I wore it out all day, I had to reapply it at least twice.  My lips were also very dry that day so that may have contributed to the wear.  All and all I think it's a decent product and I plan to add a few more colors and lipliners to my arsenal.  I found some good deals at Amazon.com and Target.com so I'm getting them while the getting it good.

Hope the swatches were helpful.