Monday, August 29, 2011

Empty Palettes Galore: Beauty On Blast 101

Remember those Covergirl magnetic pots?  Well I have a whole lot of them that I bought off eBay.  Problem is popping them in and out of those stingy little 4-pan palettes is time consuming.  I guess you could store them in the clear plastic snap cases they come in but it's still time not very practical.  Solution: empty palettes!

I have purchased a total of four palettes, the first of which came from a site called BeautyOnBlast101.  BeautyOnBlast101 is run by a woman named Selima.  She's on YouTube and funny as hell so check her out.  She also sells them through eBay but I say buy them through her webstore.  I'm done supporting (fe)eBay, having left them myself after their last decision to collect a final value fee on shipping and handling.  Sellers have to charge more to compensate and eBay was supposed to be about finding bargains.  They had the nerve to pitch this as a "reward" to sellers who keep low S/H costs because they were reducing the overall fee rate to 11%  (it was 12% of just the sale) for store subscribers.  They are about to force 30day cash refunds on sellers, too, but I digress.

From BOB101 I got a small palette that looks a little like a stamp pad and a large 28-well palette with foam spacer and sticky-dot secures.  The small one is a freestyle palette with a magnetic sheet bottom. Immediately, I tried to add the CoverGirl magnetic pots.  I quickly found out that, though they fit, the fact that they already have a magnet attached raises the pan just enough to cause issues with closure.  Namely, there are protruding L-shaped ridges on the inside of the lip that dig into the pan, gouging its contents.  This wasn't really a big deal since I wanted to make a lipstick palette anyway.  I bought empty square tins from mehndi911, a seller on eBay, that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing since they fit so nice.

Small palette closed.
Open to show magnetic bottom.
15 pans fit so nicely.

I haven't decided what to do with the 28 well one.  It does not come with pans and I do not have a lot of eyeshadows that are round that can be depotted.  I've never depotted anything but I'd like to try it.  I like how it has the foam insert because I'm one of those strange people that likes order in the darnedest places.  The whole living room could be a mess but I'll be irritated if my DVDs are not neatly on their shelves.

28 wells + stickies.

Next time: recycled palettes!

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