Sunday, November 27, 2011

Betrayed! A Lipstick Tale

Evil Shades Fiendish was my favorite non-pink.
Then along came Cyanide and gave my a wink.
The blue perfect blue: not navy, not baby,
Sweet Cyanide, how happy you've made me

But then...

WTF!?  My tube won't turn!

I knew that Japonesque palette kit I bought was more than just an shopaholic fix a good look.  I emailed the Mistress of Color at Evil Shades and she suggested scraping it out and melting it for 5-10 seconds in a microwave safe dish.  Then I remembered that I had this thing.  It took me like fifteen minutes to find it amongst all my other totally necessary and NOT impulse beauty buys.

Pretty sure I bought this from but check around.

There was so much product still in the tube.  Of course after I had already made a mess scraping it out, it decided to turn.  Whatever, Cyanide, I'm so mad at you! 

I scraped it into the kit's silicon dish with the spatula that's provided and nuked it for like 30 seconds.  The instructions said 1 minute but 30 seconds sufficed. 

When it was all hot and liquidy, I poured it into one of the empty pans in the palette I got from Beauty On Blast 101.

Viola.  Saved my fave.

(Of course I also bought two tubes more just in case.)

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